Special services recommended for Club Thailand members. As long as you have CLUB THAILAND CARD, you can enjoy special discounts
Get exclusive discounts at golf courses, restaurants, beauty shops, souvenir shops, and entertainment venues across Thailand.

The 24-hour online reception department provides you with a full range of services for domestic and international travel in Thailand, including airport transfers. In addition, we also provide water delivery service to your home at a special price, specially designed for Club Thailand members.

Whether you're in Thailand for a short or long trip, take advantage of our unique benefits!

Golf course membership benefits:
More than 150 golf courses for members to choose from across Thailand’s Golf Kingdom
The course provides an attractive setting for golfers who are passionate about golf and want to experience a different course. The golf courses here will always satisfy your thirst for challenge. This is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy golf in Thailand at a reasonable price.
Not only can you book golf courses in Thailand, you can also enjoy the following special services at resort facilities, restaurants, beauty shops, and souvenir shops. We also provide hotel booking services throughout Thailand, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable stay during your trip.
Affordable, convenient, comfortable and easy to use. In addition to enjoying discounts at Club Thailand partner merchants, the Club Thailand Card also has credit card functions. In addition to thousands of Club Thailand partner merchants, you can also enjoy exclusive privileges from more than 1,000 different areas.

If you need to make large payments in Thailand, let the Club Thailand card play the main role for you!
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