Club Thailand Exclusive Golfer's Insurance
Club Thailand has partnered with an insurance company to develop "CLUB THAILAND Exclusive Golfer Insurance", exclusively for our members. In partnership with insurance companies, we have created special rewards for CLUB THAILAND members! For HOLE IN ONE (hole in one), we offer a bonus of up to 100,000 baht (currently the average golfer insurance on the market pays up to 50,000 baht as a congratulation). In addition to HOLE IN ONE, it also includes compensation items such as "compensation for losses during golf competitions", "accidental injuries during golf competitions" and "loss of golf equipment".
*Effective May 1, 2013, a copy of your passport is required when applying for golfer insurance. *
We will pay the bonus (celebration fee) when completing HOLE IN ONE at a golf course in Thailand over 18 holes.
Various expenses include the purchase of souvenirs for display, the cost of a banquet to celebrate, and the cost of planting a tree in memory.
We will pay golfers insurance in the event of an accident while playing on the golf course or practicing on a driving range in Thailand, including those resulting in death, injury or treatment in hospital.

"I was injured when a ball was hit from behind while playing golf."
"While playing golf, my foot got stuck in a ditch and I fell and injured myself."
If you unintentionally cause injury to someone else, such as another player or damage to someone else's property while playing golf on a golf course or driving range in Thailand, you will be legally responsible and required to pay compensation. We will pay the premium if:
- While I was practicing my swing on the driving range at the golf course, I accidentally hit my partner, injuring him.
- While playing golf, a member of my group was hit by a ricocheting ball and injured.
We will cover the cost of insurance for golf clubs and golf bags that are damaged or stolen, which may occur while traveling to and from the golf course, driving range or while staying in Thailand. For example:
- I accidentally broke a golf club on the golf course.
- My golf bag was stolen from a golf course parking lot.
2,850 Baht/year
1 year * Please apply by the 5th of the usage start date. If you apply at a store, the earliest you can start the insurance is the next day.
Subscription conditions
Must be a Club Thailand member. Must have an address, phone number and bank account in Thailand.

We will take care of your application through the web form 
or when you come to our store.
 Club Thailand Cafe Phrom Phong Branch  
Business Hours : 10:00 – 19:00 (Monday – Friday)
9:00 – 18:00 (Saturday/Sunday/Holiday)
TEL : (Japanese) 0-2662-1191 FAX: 0 -2260-2129    Contact Email:

The expiry date of the Club Thailand Card and golf insurance may vary depending on the time of application. Please check the golfer's insurance expiry date, which is located on the front of the Club Thailand card.
For information on renewing golf insurance, please check and understand the expiration date and apply to our company before the expiration date. We will send a renewal notification to your registered address, but you may not receive the renewal notification letter. Therefore, please be sure to follow the renewal procedures yourself.
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