We provide car rental services and can provide pick-up and drop-off services according to customer needs, making your travel more convenient whether you are going to Bangkok hotels, golf courses, or the airport. Each of our vehicles is registered as a commercial vehicle, giving you peace of mind. You only need to book 3-7 days in advance.

From July 1, 2016, we have revised the fee for our hire service (pick-up service with driver) as follows.
All of our vehicles are registered as commercial vehicles, so you can use them with confidence.
  Suvarnabhumi Airport Transfer One Way 
      2 hours / 1,800 THB~ 

  Suvarnabhumi airport transfer round trip (city→airport→city)
      3 hours / 1,900 THB~

  Don Muang Airport Transfer One Way
      2 hours / 1,700 THB~ 

  Don Muang Airport Transfer Round Trip (City→Airport→City)
      3 hours / 2,100 THB~ 

 Suvarnabhumi Airport → Pattaya city one way
     3 hours / 3,600 THB~ 
  Bangkok area
      10 hours / 3,200 THB~ 

  pattaya area 
      10 hours  / 3,600THB~ 

  Khaoyai Kanchanaburi Area 
      10 hours / 3,800THB~ 

  Hua Hin 
      10 hours  / 4,000THB~ 
 Bangkok city
    10 hours / 3,400THB~ 

 pattaya tourism
    10 hours / 4,100THB~

 Ayutthaya + Bangkok City
    10 hours / 4,100THB~
Please feel free to contact us  
TEL: 02-260-8228 ต่อ 206

  Line @clubthailand  
*Regarding the golf course transfer fee, it will be a simple round trip transfer fee from the hotel to the golf course.
Additional charges will be incurred if you visit other places, so please consult the staff who can speak English when making a reservation.

・ The non-member fee is the above fee plus B300-.
・ The price includes car fee, driver fee, and gasoline fee.
・ Highway tolls, parking fees, driver tips, various entrance fees, and attraction fees are not included.
・Excess charge is B190- per hour.
・ If you cancel after the final confirmation, a 100% cancellation charge will be applied.
・ The available time for hire service (golf course pick-up) is 10 hours.
・ After 8:00 p.m., it will be overtime.
・ The type of car is a wagon (van type, 8-seater), and up to 6 people can ride for golfers.
・ We have a Japanese guide for 1 day (10 hours) from B2,500-.
・ Fees from Pattaya are for pick-up in Pattaya city. Please contact us for pickup in other areas.

  best driver award  

Thank you for using our hire service on a daily basis.
Based on the questionnaire of the members who used our hire service, we will select the best driver for our hire service and guide you to it.
Survey results from January to June 2018  1st Place : MR. OH  congratulations.
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