MEMBER GOLF COURSE 140+ Thailand, The Kingdom of Golf,
has an attractive environment for golfers who will never get tired of playing it again and again.

For those who want to enjoy golf in Thailand at a reasonable price speaking of golf courses in Thailand, It is attractive that you can play at such a reasonable price that you would not think. We will introduce carefully selected courses with outstanding cost performance where you can fully enjoy authentic Thai golf!
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***Get up to 60% off.
With you only have a membership CLUB THAILAND  CARD You can get golf course up to 60% off.

For those who want to play a round of golf High-Class golf courses in Thailand.
We have more than 50 High-Class golf courses to choose. Customers can reserve through CLUB THAILAND.
On the day of the round, Just Show VOUCHER CLUB THAILAND can go on the round.

No prepayment required / Just only have a Club Thailand Members, You can pay for the golf course on the day of the round.

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