After  all Club Thailand even for a short  trip to Thailand!
For short-term travelers, you can experience the benefits of Club Thailand, which is a great deal and convenient. Limited to 30 days of the same discount (privilege) services as regular members, such as those who travel to Thailand at their own pace, golf course discount reservation, member special cheap airline ticket arrangement, spa, meal, hospital, sightseeing, entertainment ticket arrangement, etc. You can receive it at. As a regular member, he has already exceeded 13,000 people, and its value has been proven! Please try it!
30 DAY / 1,605 THB
*total net price ( Vat 7% )

How to apply for a travel card 
We accept online reservations and apply at the store. Leave the same day you visit us! It will be issued immediately at each Club Thailand store * if you apply for more than one person at the same time. Please use this application form.

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